Training Overview

We offer a wide range of training and development programmes in Human Performance, management and leadership skills, as well as technical or 'hard') skills in areas such as project management, business process design, human performance and innovation process management. All training is tailored to the needs of the organisation.   We have a reputation for people or “soft ” skills training – in other words, skills that enable people to be effective, to be the best they can be and to work well with and through others. Usually these “soft” skills are the toughest to develop! But once mastered, these are professional life skills that can be used in any situation and deliver lasting benefit to everyone involved.

The goal is always to deliver measurable benefit through training, using an approach which draws on our experience to:

  • understand the goals and real needs of the audience;
  • develop a novel and tailored training solution;
  • deliver a high quality training programme;
  • follow through to ensure the skills are used and developed and
    measure the results achieved.

You can expect to see people coming away competent, confident and itching to get started!

In addition to meeting the needs of the business, we also tailor training to the people and how they prefer to learn. Irrespective of the nature of the training, we succeed in giving people the competence, confidence and desire to use what they learn to make a real difference in performance.

All training is focused, powerful and fun. The examples below give a feel for the range of training we have to offer  - for details of our  Human Performance training please go this page)

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Successful Meeting Facilitation (2 days)

Covering the whole process from design to delivery, this workshop equips people with proven tools and techniques for guiding any group of people to a successful outcome.

Team Based Project Management (2-3 days)

Successful projects do not just happen. Using an approach borne out of experience, this workshop ensures people have the technical and people skills required to plan and deliver a project on time, in full, to budget – every time.

Developing an Outstanding Team (1-2 days)

This teaches people how to create and sustain a high performing team using leadership and team membership behaviours that are appropriate at each stage in the team development cycle.

Master of Learning (1 day)

By creating mindsets for success and using proven tools and techniques for developing the ability to learn effectively and easily, this workshop allows people to become masters of learning and dramatically increase their true potential.


Developing an Agenda for Change (1.5 days)

The words may be inspiring and the sentiments laudable, but just how do you ensure that the business strategy is more than a piece of paper? How do you turn vision into reality and ensure each part, as well as the whole, is able and willing to move in the right direction? Find out at this workshop.

Building Strong Relationships (1-2 days) 

We all have to get things done by working with and through others. This workshop shows people how to create trust, maintain rapport and build on this to get real understanding.

Coaching for Results (1-2 days) 

How come what works for some fails for others? This workshop shows managers how to recognise and respond appropriately to the individual and the work situation.

Innovation Skills (1 Day)

Whether it's finding new answers to old problems, creating new products, or breaking into new markets, this workshop shows people how to overcome self-imposed limits and other obstacles to innovative thinking in business.

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Increasing Personal Effectiveness (1 day)

This workshop helps people to become the best they can be. Through a series of challenges and practical tools and techniques this workshop covers goal setting, managing time and how to overcome self-limiting beliefs and habits.

Train the Trainer (1-2 days)

How best can you ensure that people learn effectively? This practical workshop covers the whole training cycle from learning needs analysis and design through to delivery and evaluation. For more experienced trainers, the workshop focus is on innovative design and advanced training skills.

Other ProgramMEs:

  • Leadership Development 
  • The Effective Manager
  • Mapping, designing and improving Business Processes
  • Managing Change
  • Continuous Improvement - making it happen
  • Effective Presentation Skills
  • Influencing Skills
  • Virtual Team Working