How to make your team ROCK!

A short, useful article from McKinsey which sets out 4 key lessons in team working from rock bands that are still around, and highly successful, after decades in the music industry.  Alawys useful to be reminded that fundamentals of enduring high performing team working are common  to all organisations.

HBR Article - 3 Ways Senior Leaders Create a Toxic Culture

Good article in HBR this month and not just because it accords with my own experience of how leaders can significantly damage the organisation they are supposed to be helping to thrive! What always amazes me is both how oblivious some senior leaders can be to the effect of their behaviour and how on earth they can get away with it!-

71 Mindfulness Exercises For Living In The Present

One of the myths about Mindfulness is that it is all about meditation but it is, in fact, more about every day taking the opportunity to be in the moment, to simply be fully present. So here are some simple mindfulness exercises you can choose from to develop your mindfulness practice.  I especially like the way it sets out exercises for morning, afternoon and evening time.  Enjoy building some mindfulness practice into your daily routines! 




Change Wisdom - Change Wisdom: Insights from successful change makers to guide your future

My good friend and business associate Simon Phillips heads up the Change Maker Group and I am delighted to share that Simon and 11 other members have just produced a great book based on their extensive knowledge and experience. Their book ‘Change Wisdom’ is available in Kindle and paperback formats on Amazon - click here to view.  I believe it is a valuable resource for anyone who needs to help their organisation be ‘change fit’ .