We provide coaching and mentoring services for individuals and teams seeking to improve their business skills and effectiveness and also offer a specialised coaching service for Human Performance Leaders and Practitioners.  Wherever practicable, coaching can be face to face but most often is conducted online using video conferencing and other tools. 

The starting point for any coaching journey is to invest time with a prospective client to:

  • clarify what they want and need;
  • explain what working together involves if we are going to get great results. For example, we just point blank refuse (politely of course!) to help anyone who does not really want to change or is not willing to put in the required time and effort needed to do so; 
  • build an understanding of the person (or people in the team), their current situation, their strengths, what is important to them and what they have done to date to try and change what they believe needs to change;
  • create trust and rapport;
  • agree a plan of action, our ways of working and timeline.

Coaching involves helping someone (or a team) to work out their goals, to then work on achieving these goals and to learn and grow as much as possible along the way. This may include developing new knowledge and skills, gaining new insights into self and others, challenging self limiting beliefs, stretching personal comfort zones, discovering new ways of thinking, forming new habits and attitudes and growing in confidence. So coaching is about getting the very best out of everyone and enabling them to make and put into effect decisions which will improve their performance and realise their potential.

The reasons for wanting coaching are as varied as the people themselves – which is why we believe that a one size fits all, single model of coaching is worse than useless. As the old adage goes, ‘If you only have a hammer as a solution, it is amazing how every problem takes on the shape of a nail!’  The process begins with a diagnostic conversation about needs, aspirations and motivation, to build a picture of what success looks, sounds and feels like and understand how that differs from the current position. We will then propose a solution which we feel best meets requirements.

Naturally, this initial consultation is free and if we do decide to proceed together, then we move quickly to:

  • develop appropriate goals;
  • find ways to overcome obstacles;
  • challenge current thinking and develop new ideas and ways of doing things to achieve their desired results;
  • build know how and skills using tools and techniques that work.

As a coach the goal is simple and that is to help someone be the very best that they can be. The role of a coach therefore involves:

  • supporting and motivating;
  • listening, challenging and advising but not pandering, force-feeding information or just raking over old ground;
  • helping someone to develop better habits and thought processes;
  • working together to help someone find the answers for themselves;
  • encouraging real commitment to action;
  • following through to review the actions taken, outcomes and next steps.

"Gerry was my assigned coach, who I had absolute trust in. He worked with me to ensure I got the most out of the sessions, challenged my thinking and gave me a wealth of external resources to draw upon. A personable guy he strikes up positive relationships with people he works with and makes sure there is a fair dose of humour as well."  - Steve Murray, General Manager Business Development, Menzies Distribution Ltd UK