To serve our clients, many of whom are leading global organisations who may require support throughout the world, Gerry McAuley works with a number of highly capable associates, each with many years of experience, great expertise and a proven track record of success through the excellence of their work. 


Ray Hardman

With 35 years experience in a high reliability organisation (Nuclear manufacture and service sector), Ray has extensive international experience in developing, managing and supporting bespoke human performance (Human Error Prevention) programmes in the nuclear, manufacturing and rail sectors.  His skills include:

Identifying defence in depth processes, with individual tools and techniques to support error free performance at all levels in the organisation.

Supporting  and facilitating investigation techniques identifying systemic weaknesses in the organisation, in particular flawed defences. 

Delivering behavioural and task based observation and coaching programs both peer to peer and management coaching using the power of positive reinforcement.

Creating and using a maturity assessment process to identify opportunities for improvement in human and organisational performance.



Tony Muschara

Tony has over 35 years of experience in consulting, training, and management positions in commercial and military nuclear power operations. He specializes in human error management, a risk based approach to managing human risk.

As a niche expert in the field of human performance, Tony has written numerous human performance guidelines and manuals for the nuclear power industry, while employed by the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations including several documents adopted by the U.S. Department of Energy and the World Association of Nuclear Operators. He is the author of Risk-Based Thinking: Managing the Uncertainty of Human Error in Operations (published Nov 2017).

His career includes qualifying  as a senior reactor operator (SRO) and then training instructor at Farley Nuclear Plant while employed by Westinghouse Electric Corporation. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy and served in the U.S. Submarine Service for 25 years (7 active and 18 reserve). He qualified as an Engineer of Naval Nuclear Propulsion Systems and retired as a Captain, USNR.





Malcolm Follos

Malcolm is a top management consultant with over 30 years experience of delivering results that matter for blue chip companies. He works as a trusted advisor to leaders helping them close the gap between their aspiration and current reality. He excels at helping leaders and leadership teams bring their vision to life, craft winning strategies, build robust organisational change plans and execute these well. He is adept at having conversations that count throughout the organisations and  helping leaders do the really hard part of the soft stuff.

Although well versed in proven tools, techniques, processes and change methodologies, he gives primacy to the ‘adaptive’ rather than the ‘technical’ aspects of personal and organisational change . He is a firm believer in that it is the way people act and interact with each other that holds the key to significant productivity improvement. He has successfully demonstrated to many leading organisations that they have a significant hidden productivity pot, namely the discretionary effort that is unleashed when people are fully engaged in work they find meaningful.

As well as his excellent consulting skills, Malcolm is a master facilitator and superb trainer. He has a great ability to help leaders recognise and tackle embedded habits, dysfunctional behaviours and practices in their organisations that sap energy and inhibit progress.